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We all have stories to tell and it
is said that there is a budding
author in all of us. Well, here's
your chance to publish that story of your time at sea
and share your experiences with other seafarers.
Just EMAIL us!

Some of the stories below have been converted to .pdf
files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download and install this program by simply clicking on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button, and follow the instructions.

 Graham McGlone - An Atlantic Storm           

 Graham McGlone - Hymns on Mont Royal     

 Graham McGlone - A Vindi Boy's Story     

 Mark Noffler from the band "Dire Straits" penned this song from his "Get  Lucky" CD.

 Delmar Letham - Chicken Run 

 Dave Heffernan at Gravesend 

 David Foy - My Gravesend Sea School and First Trip History

Peter Crago - Goodman
 - A Potted History Of My Life -

Michael McLaughlin

 - To Sea, To Sea -
 - Upon The Deep - 
 - Kiss Of The Wind - 
 - A Tall Ship - 

Neil Morton
- "Barranca".

Kevin Kilpatrick
- Gravesend - A Rude Awakening!

 Alf Corbyn
 - "The Start Of My Sea Career" 
 - "My Second Trip"
 - "Pretoria Castle", 1948    

Barry Wilton
- The Next Bend -Part 1 Gravesend Sea School

- The Next Bend - Part 2 First Trip

John Wallace
- "A Good Life" 

Tommy Mitchell
 - "The Channels" - A series of short stories about his life at sea.

Frank Ferri
 - "Baptism in Sea Sickness"

Peter Harrison
- "Cook's Dead, Skip"
- "Cook's Dead, Skip" Part II

Ron Kerr
- "Playing With Fire 

Story by Wilfred Cromie (R 562042)
- "Voyage of the Bonnie Ethel"

Alan Creasey (Vindicatrix 1950 R 531813)
- Profile of a Captain

Peter Martin (R865345)
- Log of a Midshipman's First Trip
- A personal diary of a cruise on the Aureol

Tony Dwyer - Gravesend 1951 R 552100
- "The Liners"
- "The Whale Chasers"

Ted Heath (Vindicatrix 1955 R 639621)
- "Just There And Back"

Brian Chaplin
- "An Uneasy Feeling"

  - "Jimmy Frith & The 'Arpic"

Kenneth "Nesty" Wheatland (Gravesend 1965)
- "My First Trip to Sea"
- "Nutters I Have Known"
- "Another One"
- "A Cheap Run Ashore"
- "A Trip Remembered - Ionic"

Bill Young (Vindicatrix 1966)
- "Just Another Vindi Boy"
- "Fools & First Trippers"
- "Purgatory"
- "Fishy Tales"
- "Rock Dodger"

- "Breadcrumbs"

  - "Walking The Dog"

Glenn Baker
- "Londoner Floats On Whisky"

Ray Murray (Gravesend 1963 - R787221)
- "Fog Watch"

Neil Robinson (R364755)
- "Hot Nuts in Montreal"
- "He Didn't Want to Leave"

- "Cocos Island Rendezvous"

- "Farewell to Gravesend"

- "Salvation at Samarai"

  - "Bobby And The Holy Stone From Aloft"

Mike Beasley (Gravesend 1960)
- "Purgatory On The Great White Whale"

- "Recollections of Gravesend"

  - "Two Instant Christians"

Bill King (R618035)
- "Eye of the Storm"

Joe Earl (R680857)
- "The Indefatigable"

- "Joe's First Voyage"


- Poems
- "The Western Ocean"
- "The Stokehold"

- "Bill The Gunner"
- "The Vindicatrix"
- "The Indefatigable"

Dennis Crosby (R318269)
- "Ghost Walks Ships Deck"

Dave Partridge (R531727)
- "Down the River"

Trevor Castleton (R531727)
- "A Vindi Boy Downunder"
- "A Vindi Boy's First Voyage"

Dennis Harper (Vindicatrix 1941)
- "MV Aldington"