The Log Book

Date: 21:03, 24th December
From: Neil Robinson
City/Country: Auckland. New Zealand. Godzone!

Message:  "All at Sea".

Bill & Julia - the concept was brilliant. What you've put together for us all is a World beater! A real miscellany of Memory Lane items, zillions of pics to remind us of our own adventures, mis-adventures etc,.
You could grow old in here - there is so much to view and ponder on. Bigger & better things to come eh? WOW!

"The World's most popular seafarers web site!" That it is, and that's for definite! The number of hits to the site is just phenominal. 30749 was what the counter showed when I came in ... in just 12 months, that has to be Guinness Book of Records stuff.

Bless you both for dedication and the sheer pleasure you've given to so many.

Best Christmas & New Year Wishes to you both ... and the readers also.

I was No. 30.000 on the counter last week. Is there a prize???
If not ... why not?! LOL !
Date: 04:47, 24th December
From: R Tugwell
City/Country: Brighton. England.

Message:  GSS1964.Deck,Eight years at sea.Union Castle,P&O;,MacAndrews,Houlders.Great days,good memories,pity its all gone now,but it set me up for life.Would not be where i am today without those hard but brilliant Merchant Navy Days.Best wishes to all seafarers past&presentRT.;
Date: 22:04, 23rd December
From: louis fernandez
Email: louie at ntl world
City/Country: cardiff south wales

Message:  deck boy peanut 1968 happy days?
Date: 12:18, 23rd December
From: Liz
City/Country: ca

Message:  tis the season;

"Oh come all ye faithful"

Date: 02:07, 23rd December
From: david leatherdale

Date: 11:09, 21st December
From: George Griffiths
City/Country: Perth west oz.

Message:  thanks bill and julia for all the great work you both have done for all us old seadogs. of long ago. its great to see all the old pics of yesteryear. and have a great christmas. to all vindiboys around the world. and don't forget lads we will always be vindiboys till our last breath. in my case breffff. George from perffff. west oz.
Date: 08:37, 20th December
From: john hughes
Email: millhugh
City/Country: vancouver island

Message: just surfed in 
Date: 02:26, 19th December
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK Docklands KGV

Message: Hi Bill,
I gave your website details to my mate who is a river pilot and all the pilots are studying the website and they said it is great, also my docker mates love it too. God Bless and have a great Xmas and a prosperous New Year 2006. And thanks to all the ex KGV seamen that have contacted me via Bill & Julia's website as it would have never happened on the UK Vindi site with RD and his cronies, lets face it lads the RD people have never heard of KGV. Keep up the great work Bill & Julia, I will be in touch soon. Eric Gold
Date: 08:30, 18th December
From: noel fontaine
City/Country: canada

Message:  Seasons Greetings to Bill & Julia Young and all your website
guests. Thank you for giving us
Merchant Seamen such a "unique"
website, to show our past and see through photos what life really was like in the "good ol
days". Wishing you all a very
merry X-Mas and a safe & happy
New Year.
Date: 03:42, 18th December
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: KG5-London UK

Message: Hi Bill & Julia,
I wish you a Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year 2006. This is the best web site that I have ever seen for ex seamen. I have a lot of contact with ex KGV seamen, all down to you mate. Many thanks to Glenn Baker, ex KGV, for swinging the lamp on Paltalk.
Great stuff Bill & Julia, I mention your site to everyone I know, be they ex seamen or dockers.
God Bless, Eric Gold.
Date: 14:31, 17th December
From: ian kemp
City/Country: auckland new zealand

Message: i was a writer with ellerman lines from 1962-66.would like to hear from anyone who sailed with me on city of auckland city of winchester and city of bribane .lets hear from you guys. 

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