The Log Book

Date: 19:37, 31st December
From: Neil Robinson
Email: same as below
City/Country: same as below

Message: Glenn mate - A very Happy 59th Birthday china. I hadn't done the scrolling down bit so I hadn't seen your entry. 
Hang on mate and I'll be over - and we'll kick on till dawn reminiscing about this your old home town. Is it you who has a preference for Resch's ... I've got both Castle M & Resch's.

Wishful thinking on my part mate but we'll do it one time soon eh?! Happy Burfday china!

Wotcher Alan me old cocker!
Date: 19:24, 31st December
From: Neil Robinson
City/Country: Auckland New Zealand.


To each and everyone around the World, viewers of the "Most popular seafarers website in the World" I send Best Wishes on the 1st minute of the 1st day of the 1st month in 2006. It is here in NZ anyway. The fireworks criss cross the sky and downtown Auckland will be awash with merry makers. I'm having a nice quiet time of it with a carton of Castlemaine 4X.
Peace & prosperity to you all!
Date: 16:19, 31st December
From: Alan.Glasson
City/Country: Sydney/Australia

Message:  I would like to wish all the Seaman that have made this the WORLDS BEST SEAFARERS WEB SITE a happy New Year,and roll on 2006 because its going to get BIGGER & BETTER,and a big THANK YOU to JULIA & BILL, they have put so much into this, A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Date: 15:09, 31st December
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola Victoria Aust

Message:  Well Bill and Julia, A Rolliking New Years eve to tou both and My thanks for having one of the most Democratic Sea sites in the World Any Ranks Welcome and any Ex Merchantmen. This evening it is my 59th Birthday new years eve, The Sea is only a Dream away, to all our World wide people who have and are enjoying this site have a safe new year, and let me tell you something we had the best years this world has seen, not much money but good times and relative peace around the World. God Bless as Eric would say, Ex KG5 man Glenn Baker
Date: 13:30, 31st December
From: Paul Burke
City/Country: Gold Coast. Australia

Message:  Just found your great site.I was on the Kiwi Coast from 1964 to 1975, and on the Aussie Coast from 1976 to 2005.I have just retired after 22 yrs on the Geelong Tugs.
Date: 13:25, 31st December
From: Paul Burke
City/Country: Gold Coast Australia

Message:  Just found your great site.I was on the Kiwi Coast from 1964 to 1975, and on the Aussie Coast from 1975 to 2005.I have just retired after 22 yrs on the Geelong Tugs.
Date: 05:04, 31st December
From: Victor Holloway
City/Country: Northland NZ

Message: Hi Bill & Julia,
I was on the Vindi Sept-Nov 1957.
I have just finished reading some of the 'Salty Stories' I must say it appears to be a 'mirror image' I can see a lot of the antics I got up to...maybe we were all of a kindred spirit? I have a few photos I will send, when I get my scanner fixed up. Keep up the good work.
Date: 04:29, 31st December
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK (KGV Docklands)

Message: Hi Bill & Julia,
Wishing you and All At Sea who use this website A Happy New Year 2006 May it be a prosperous and peacful new year too. Thanks Bill, for all the corespondence and to Glenn Baker and Liz and many other seamen from my KGV days who have got in touch with me, as it was all down too you Bill, Keep up the great work Bill & Julia. God Bless. Eric Gold.
Date: 15:57, 30th December
From: Ian R Bray
City/Country: New Zealand

Message:  Ex Gravesend 1960 Ex QTEV Queen of Bermuda
Date: 10:20, 30th December
From: Steve Wood
City/Country: Melbourne/Australia

Message:  My dad, Reg Wood was a steward on the Suevic when he arrived in Australia in 1952.
Date: 04:32, 30th December
From: noel fontaine
City/Country: ca

Message:  Many thanks to Bill & Julia for an excellent site.Would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone for all their kind and wonderful e-mails
Will try and answer all when time permits. Hope this "MESMERIZING" website enjoys continued success and greater expansion.
A safe & happy New Year to all
p.s. glad to see "Spuds Murphy" does room service???

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