The Log Book

Date: 06:05, 29th January
City/Country: DONNY,UK.

Message:   WAS IN THE VINDI FROM 29TH DEC.59-4TH MARCH 60 DIS. 720488
Date: 18:55, 28th January
From: Gordon Tumber
City/Country: Thetford, Norfolk. UK

Message:  A great site Bill & Julie. Congratulations. Wish you many, many hits.
Date: 21:00, 27th January
From: Mick Spencer
City/Country: Nottingham, England

Message:  First time on site, will not be the last. VG to both of you (not a DR) Mick Spencer, Vindi. Nov. 53 Jan. 54 Deck.
Date: 23:18, 23rd January
From: Ray McCerery
City/Country: UK

Message:  Good site,
Date: 13:04, 22nd January
From: Bill & Julia Young
City/Country: Sydney, Australia

Message: Thank you to all our visitors and contributors. You have made this web site a huge success! In the 22 days that it has been operating more than 1800 people have viewed the site and we have been able to put new content up on the web every day with much more to come.
Date: 10:46, 22nd January
From: James ( Harry ) Pemberton
City/Country: Christchurch New Zealand

Message:  Originally from Manchester, now living in NZ. At Vindi August to October 1947. Has anybody heard anything of the boxer, Alan Tanner as I lost contact with him after training.
Date: 11:45, 21st January
From: Eric Redman
City/Country: Mackay . Qld.

Message:  Great Site, well done with the layout and content, an interesting site for all seafarers, best regards from sunny Qld.
Date: 03:17, 21st January
From: Bill (Jock) Horsburgh
City/Country: Forfar, Scotland

Message: Just been browsing the site and found it very interesting. I really enjoyed it.
I was at the Vindi Feb-March-April 1958
Best wishes to all ex seamen.  
Date: 05:26, 19th January
From: Alan.s.May
City/Country: Vancouver Island Canada

Message: Ex British Merchant Navy 1940-47
galley boy to Chief Cook.Ticketed at " Dickey Bonds" in Liverpool. mainly freighters.
Atlantic, Ammo ship in the med SS Ousel B-awful
No frige. Last Russian convoy before V.E Day.
Two post war Voyages Langleegale Ex Empire Gale .
Now fighting for the Pension Indexing of British Expatriate Pensioners in the Commonwealth countries.
Check out <;>
Thank Jim Tilley in Oz. for getting me Here.
Great site !, will pass the site to our M.N.Association in Victoria next month.
Date: 04:12, 19th January
From: G.Robinson
City/Country: u.k

Message: Realy enjoyed your site the first time Ive seen Agate since fifty nine he certainly brought back memories caught us pillow fighting and took us outside to say goodnight to the swans and the stars and the fishes and allsorts else didnt get back to my bunk till about twelve good old days I think all the best  
Date: 04:11, 19th January
From: roy salmon
City/Country: born coventry uk, now tauranga nz

Message:  old vindi boy1945 deck at sea 6yrs, then called up n s for a couple of yrs ,imergrated to nz been here eversince, you dont leave when your happy, memorie these days is crap had lots of good mates in mn but years go bbe and mates get less but being in vindi association we have many mates and lots of tales to tell good health and smooth sailing roy salmon

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