The Log Book

Date: 22:23, 1st February
From: Tracey Jones (Scully)
City/Country: Liverpool

Message:  Hello everyone,

Does anyone remember my big brother JOHN SCULLY, he was at Gravesend STS 1968 and sailed on LUXOR, Br.PIONEER, Br.TAMAR, Br.TWEED, Br.EXPLORER & MV DEVONSHIRE to name a few. Also, does anyone remember my dad from working on the docks, also called JOHN SCULLY.

Enjoyed the site, best wishes to everyone.
Date: 21:30, 1st February
From: Emma Findlay
City/Country: southampton

Message:  My Uncle Graham Arthur Moore died whilst serving in the austrialian Merchant navey. I am trying to find as much information about this as possable! We was ex royal navy and served on HMS Jaguar.
Date: 14:01, 1st February
From: Carol Booth
City/Country: Goole/England

Message: permission to come aboard, Skipper? i'm trying to trace Charlie Morris,bosun on a minesweeper/salvage vessel in the Humber Estuary area in 1943. can anyone advise me of a database i could contact? thanks, Carol 
Date: 09:34, 1st February
From: Ron Kerr
City/Country: Canberra,

Message: I know exactly what you mean, Ken. On lookout, up on the fo'castle, on a night in the Carribean with the full moon making it as clear as day and a balmy breeze - oh! I come over all poetic! Or watching the flying fish in the Indian Ocean or the porpoises scratching their backs on the bow and then getting bored, it seemed, and then just shooting off and leaving the ship as if it was standing still! I'd better shut up before I make you all sick!!
Date: 05:20, 1st February
From: nesty wheatland
City/Country: london

Message:  when i think back to my time at sea i reckon that the best moments did'nt necessary come whilst ashore. i think of moments crossing the pacific on the way to kiwi. at the end of the day, having showered, had dinner then get an ice cold beer from the bar, before going on deck, leaning on the bulwark and watching the dolphin's dancing their own ballet through the water. standing there, with beer in one hand cigarette in the other watching the sun set over a cobalt sea. it had a very calming effect and to this day i think about it when i need to unwind.
Date: 05:18, 1st February
From: Bill Young
City/Country: Sydney

Message:  For those of you who know Sydney well, check out Rob Montgomery's photo of his ship Anadara coming into Circular Quay in early 1961. The AMP building is still only half complete, and it is the tallest building in the city skyline! The Opera House is just a drawing on an architect's board at the time.
Date: 11:14, 30th January
From: bill newton
City/Country: brisbane australia

Message:  g'day - i sailed on the "city of port elizabeth" "empire star" and "colorado star" as an engineer 66/68 looking for some old shipmates
Date: 06:05, 30th January
From: alan f baldwin R796121
City/Country: nunawading vic3131

Message:  very different willtake some getting used to what happend to woopsie
Date: 19:25, 29th January
From: Kenneth K enny
City/Country: Liverpool England

Message:  Hello Shipmates,i was at the T. S. Vindicatrix AUGUST 1955.At sea over 5years.Got Married,still am on the Liverpool Docks 29years.25years a Stevedore.Take Care, from Ken.
Date: 16:53, 29th January
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola

Message:  Ahoy There,
Was most interested in seeing the pictures of the Alang Ship graveyard, and noted the Poverty stricken accomodation Shanty like huts around, so I guess the workers would be onvery low money to pull these ships to bits, pretty sad to see our former Ships of Glory ending their days on Alang Beach.
Date: 06:05, 29th January
City/Country: DONNY,UK.

Message:   WAS IN THE VINDI FROM 29TH DEC.59-4TH MARCH 60 DIS. 720488

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