The Log Book

Date: 20:46, 5th January
From: Alex Pink
City/Country: Gravesend, England

Message:  Been asked by some old seagoing mates from the fifties,if The British Legion Club in Sydney is still going.We had some good sundays in there made very welcome, some times to much so Happy Days.
Date: 11:23, 3rd January
From: Pete Lindstrom
City/Country: North Carolina, U.S.A

Message: Just discovered your website.
British MN 1952-1960.( Third generation)Looking forward to many new and old contacts and wishing "all hand's" a Happy New Year. (Wb3cuy)  
Date: 00:47, 3rd January
From: Charles Mintoff
City/Country: Malta

Message: Any Person who has sailed with me
on Union Castle,King Line,Clan Line,Bowaters or Manchester Liner's
are very welcome in dropping me a line.

Date: 23:22, 2nd January
From: eddie matthews
City/Country: birmingham uk

Message:  sailed with P&O; passenger dept also cargo ships and container services with OCL Would like to hear from any fellow seafarers who remember sailing together
Date: 04:58, 2nd January
City/Country: WIGAN. LANCS.UK

Date: 01:18, 2nd January
From: Phil Hughes
City/Country: Broadstairs, Kent, U. K.

Message: To all members,
On behalf of the East Kent Branch, may I thank ALL who sent us Christmas cards, whether branches or individuals. May I also wish you ALL a very healthy and prosperous 2006.
Phil hughes, (East Kent Branch Sec;) 
Date: 01:06, 2nd January
From: david neil patterson[taff]
Email: dapttrsn '
City/Country: wales

Message:  vindi boy nov64/jan65 catering
I didnt know this site exsisted
untill now found couple photoes
on here of me and one of me and
dave moore who was at the vindi
the same time we met up 2003 reunion my ships wellperk/regent
royal/regent eagle left during
seaman strike.
Date: 11:31, 1st January
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK (KGV Docklands)

Message:  Hi Bill & Julia,
Hope you had a great time as I did, one of my mates on the way home showed me the Docklands area and I thought I was in the states with all the huge skyscrapers ect. Glenn, I passed the Tabnab and Yes it is still there but not Stella and my girls from the docks. But we KGV guys have great memories that will never die. God Bless you all especially Bill & Julia for making this the WORLDS BEST WEBSITE, who knows Bill, I might fly to Sydney next year (ha ha ha) God Bless. Eric.
Date: 04:44, 1st January
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola Victoria Aust

Message:  Would have loved to have been there with you Eric at the KG5 fireworks, we could have gone on a phantom Tour around the Roundhouse , The Kent Arms Dinner at Stella,s and shipped out once more, sounds silly but there was tears in the eyes . grateful for the wonderful site by Bill and Julia, too all KG5 men lift your Glasses in toast Glenn
Date: 00:34, 1st January
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK (KGV Docklands)

Message:  Hi Bill & Julia,
Have A Happy New Year 2006 and to all who view this the BEST WEBSITE for ex seafarers. The Sydney harbour bridge fireworks was great and so will our Dockers club at KGV tonight will be too, as there is a firework display over KGV tonight but I will miss the ships horns blasting of at midnight. God Bless. Eric.
Date: 19:37, 31st December
From: Neil Robinson
Email: same as below
City/Country: same as below

Message: Glenn mate - A very Happy 59th Birthday china. I hadn't done the scrolling down bit so I hadn't seen your entry. 
Hang on mate and I'll be over - and we'll kick on till dawn reminiscing about this your old home town. Is it you who has a preference for Resch's ... I've got both Castle M & Resch's.

Wishful thinking on my part mate but we'll do it one time soon eh?! Happy Burfday china!

Wotcher Alan me old cocker!

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