The Log Book

Date: 02:52, 29th March
From: Richard Overall
City/Country: Houston, Texas

Message: What a Super site for old matelots and other likely lads.

Date: 19:01, 28th March
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola OZ

Message:  Hello thar Thanks Bill for the wonderful site, I contacted Duncan who posted a message on All at Sea and after thirty years we are in contact all through this site, One Thousand thank you,s its popular oversea,s as well and all Ranks are using it, Once again Thank you, memories are very important as we get older. Glenn.
Date: 06:02, 27th March
From: Mick Chalmers
City/Country: Hampton, Middx.

Message:  Wonderful site. I have been looking all over for pictures that my dad, Alexander Chalmers served on as Radio Officer in his career from 1945 to 1980. You had four that I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks and keep up the great work. Mick
Date: 05:21, 27th March
From: Ron Stringer
City/Country: Essex. UK

Message: Very interesting and enjoyable web site. Congratulations to all concerned.
Date: 13:14, 26th March
From: a.clark
City/Country: bundaberg australia

Message:  i was on the the vindi in 1939 my first ship was the 'Windsor Castle; and the last one in 1948 was the 'Sambur'
Date: 05:11, 26th March
From: Bob Andrews
City/Country: UK

Message:  Isee that you have 2 photos of the destroyer H.M.S.Daring of the ships page My brother was on her at that time and I wondered who had sent them in.
He was a Radar Mechanic John Andrews and was quite niffty on the old joana.
I am afraid to report he died in 2001,but he went down fighting and still played as long as he couldeven when very sick.
all the best to all the Vindi lads out there Bob
Date: 22:56, 25th March
From: Phil Hughes
City/Country: Broadstairs, Kent, U. K.

Message:  To all members, please be advised that the March issue of the Auckland Branch newsletter contains a misleading report which could cause unnecessary problems between Vindi Boys and branches. This report states; "Appears to be a lot of letters passing between the Gen; Sec; (our president), Roy C. Derham M.B.E. and Phil Hughes branch secretary of the East Kent Branch. Mainly over Roy Derham's retirement and the new Constitution". May I point out to you all that this report is over 8 MONTHS out of date but suggests that it is ongoing. I have had NO CONTACT, either written or otherwise, with Mr. R. Derham since JULY 15TH; 2004. As far as I and the East Kent Branch is concerned this subject is dead and buried. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Thank you.
Phil Hughes, (East Kent Branch Secretary).
Date: 04:29, 23rd March
From: mike ricketts
City/Country: weston-s-mare england

Message:  brilliant site. Thanks. Nobody owning up to being in Reardon Smiths?
Date: 04:39, 22nd March
From: bill biffen
City/Country: bridgwater somerset

Message:  anyone from pwsth ingham 1943
Date: 06:37, 21st March

Message:  My mate sent your website to me NEVILLE ROBERTS We sailed together on EMPRESS OF CANADA 60'S and worked in NY 70's. I enjoyed your tour down memory lane and will tune in again it was FUN
Date: 03:59, 21st March
From: ken.sanderson
City/Country: Grimsby. U.K.

Message:  Tried to join the M.N.During WWll at the age of 14 as a cabin boy.
Saw the registra's wife, Mrs Percy Huggins. She said I wasn't big enough and told me to go home and put some weight on.
I think that with all the ships going down
in the Russian convoys she didn't want a skinny little lad of 14 on her concience.
Went on Tug Boats first to get a taste of the shipboard life.
In the winter of 46/47 we were towing a fishing boat from the coaling berth to a waiting berth.I was on the bow of the fishing boat attending to the tow rope.
Then all hell broke loose. I have never seen a snow storm like it. Flakes as big as half crowns. I think it would have been called a white-out now.Couldn't see a yard in front.
For two hours I was stuck on the focsle, freezing. Now I know how a cannon ball must have felt stuck to a brass monkey.
Two hours freezing before we coud see where we were heading.

From the tugs boats to trawlers, Then to the MN.Many of the merchant ships were still coal burners, which meant steamers of course.
Then came the conversion from coal to oil.
Alas the "Black Pan" went with the demise of coal.
'Can't write any more...My eyes are filling up. Ha Ha.
No.. I think I have reached my limit with this message.
Have a good watch below.:-)

'Cant write any

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