The Log Book

Date: 06:57, 8th August
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK

Message: Hi Bill,
Just had a chat with the Swedish captain who lives in Copenhagen with his beautiful Danish wife and family, and he has ask me to give yourself and Julia many thanks for having a great website. The UK one is rubbish compared with yours, that's what a detective who I know well in London said to me last week. They have blocked me from there guest book, but I wont lose any sleep, as I have more going for me than these silly people and there dictator boss Mr Roy Derham. I think the Vindi was a great experience for all of us and I would do it all over again, but I must confess the food was rubbish at the Sharpness Hilton, and prison food was a thousand times better especially H.M. Packhurst and various other nicks too (ha ha ha) So lads keep these banners flying high and don't let anyone including Roy Derham sidetrack you in any way, we in the UK and the colonies live in a democratic country not a third world banana republic with dictators and tin gods. God Bless all who sailed out of KGV London especially with Shaw Savill Lines. Eric Gold. Vindi Catering May - June 1964.
Date: 03:19, 8th August
From: tom sullivan
City/Country: waterford ireland

Message: 39 year,s at sea, and sailed out of famous dock st pool ,later prescot st. i would like to knoe if anyone could send me a photo of the grelrosa, i sailed in her in 1955
Date: 05:07, 7th August
From: Alan Vinten
City/Country: Queensland Australia.

Message: Congrat's on this site, and calm sailing for all readers.
Date: 00:44, 7th August
From: brian nelson
City/Country: south shields ,tyne&wear;

Message: great sight about the good times at sea not like today!
Date: 11:18, 5th August
From: P.J.(Bob) Marchant
Email: PMARC11898@AOL.COM
City/Country: Califormia USA

Message: Im a Briot residing in the USA. Served my time with the Hain Steamship Company 1947 - 1951 then sailed as Third Mate with the Argonuat Trading Co, and Sterling Shipping Company
Date: 13:34, 4th August
From: George Barrow
City/Country: Darwen UK

Message: Ex Gravesend 1964
sailed Port line,Lamport Holt, PSNC, to name a few
Greetings to one and all
Date: 18:00, 3rd August
From: John Murrell
City/Country: N.S.W Australia

Message: Bob Montgomery sorry have'nt replied to your e mail I wiped your address off by mistake, could you please send again
regards John M
Date: 17:31, 3rd August
From: steve goldswain
City/Country: auckland nz

Message: oddessy works birkenhead 1970 blue funnel
Date: 17:15, 3rd August
From: steve goldswain
City/Country: auckland nz

Message: oddessy works birkenhead 1970
Date: 16:01, 3rd August
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola Aust

Message: I would like to thank Ron Kerr for his information on getting the Book The Road to Russia, I have now got it and it is a Book not to be missed, worth every cent of the price, and of course the Book which gives a Wonderful but sad History of the Men on the Murmansk Archangle run Second War, Thank you Ron, I shall be using that same Book Company in Sydney again. Glenn, ex Sharpness Hilton, 62
Date: 15:32, 3rd August
From: Kenneth M. Gray
City/Country: Warnbro Western Australia

Message: Just found your site,and wonderful it is.Congratulations.
I am ex Vindi Boy 1946 vintage.
Deck Dept.

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