The Log Book

Date: 05:44, 22nd August
From: Roy Peters
City/Country: Lancing West Sussex England

Message: Message for Terry Hales tried to reply to your E mail kept getting it returned no such address even though I clicked on reply hope to hear from you soon Calm Seas to all the lads Roy Peters v55
Date: 01:03, 22nd August
From: Robert John White
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds. UK

Message: Was browsing,thought I,d make an entry.Was a Vindy Boy April to July 1956,married in 1964,finished with the sea in 1966.Went back to sea again in April 1975.Was on deck,left the sea again in Nov 1982,after serving as a Bosun for 6 years.(Memories never die,good or bad,most of mine at sea were very good.
Date: 22:33, 20th August
From: Maurice Hoadley
City/Country: London

Message: These pic's in the Good ol' Days, are fabulous. What a find!

Maurice Hoadley
Date: 05:16, 20th August
From: ray doherty
City/Country: ontario. canada

Message: i attended blue funnel survival school in aberdovey wales and never yet any body else who was there also. am i the only one in the whole wild who went there .. regards for nmow
Date: 17:11, 19th August
From: Richard Christmas
City/Country: Queensland Australia

Message: this makes two really good sites for the MN and all of now remembering what a dam good time it was
Date: 22:41, 18th August
From: eddie theobald
City/Country: lavenham england

Message: hi, my name is eddie theobald i was at gravesend in 1973 J CLASS catering and left in septemer
Date: 19:19, 18th August
From: frederick hodder
City/Country: yeovil. late of bridport

Message: i had to pay you another visit
its the best sea site going
good luck
Date: 04:57, 18th August
From: Maurice
City/Country: London

Message: This site is a great idea!

Thanks Bill and Julia
Date: 21:54, 17th August
From: bryan hart
City/Country: ravens wood,, west australia

Message: great site thank you bill n julia
Date: 17:52, 16th August
From: ken bennetts
City/Country: HULL ENGLAND

Message: What a marvelous web site.
Date: 16:13, 16th August
From: Neil Robinson
City/Country: Auckland. New Zealand

Message: Another fine interesting (WW2) pic of Manchester's No. 9 Dock from Pat Biesty, on Ports & Pubs. The area to the left of the Samboat,(lower left ship) seen as a railway marshalling yard, was where the Salford Sea Cadet Unit Drum & Bugle band would practise every Sunday morning back in 1944/45&46. 32 drums & bugles making a racket that could be heard 3 miles away. Any merchant seaman who'd had a jolly night at the good old 'Salisbury' or 'The Clowes' or 'Cattle Market' boozers and was, like, "suffering a bit" & expecting a nice quiet lie-in was "FRESH OUT OF LUCK"!!!
If you were one of 'em sincere belated apologies !!! LOL!
I was one of the Buglers.

Pat (Biesty) mate, send me your new address. I've had 2 mails returned.

Should any fellow "musical SCC offender" read this - mail me. Most of 'em went into the MN.

Thanks to Pat for yet another jog re "Memory Lane".

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