The Log Book

Date: 05:39, 31st January
From: peter fruhmann
City/Country: Netherlands

Message: I'm looking for information on a man called John Leary. I am trying to write a biography on him. He was born 31 January 1928 in Dulwich (London) and he must have served either in the Merchant Navy or the Royal Navy from about 1946 to 1954. He seemed to have vanished around 1952 (his family has not seen him again until 1967) He never talked about his years in the Navy or the years until he turned up on the isle of Islay. It's a bit of a mystery. I have a photograph of him in uniform, hbut I really don't know which Navy it is. John Leary (who called himself Sean O'Leary oin Islay) died in 1987. I have never seen him alive, I came across his life as a painter on Islay by coincidence, but his story intrigued me. Does anyone know this man. I can mail the photograph. Hope to get some information. Regards, Peter Fruhmann
Date: 03:11, 31st January
From: jim turner
City/Country: birkenhead

Message: handy site,thanks for your help.jim turner.
Date: 15:01, 29th January
From: Bill Young
City/Country: Sydney Australia

Date: 23:52, 28th January
From: Frank Johnson
City/Country: Boston

Date: 13:31, 28th January

Message:  MN 1961 - 1967
Date: 21:21, 25th January
From: Mick Spencer
City/Country: Nottingham, England

Message:  Just recieved the very striking car sticker. Have already stuck my car on to it. It will be shown all around the Midlands. Thank you very much Bill & Julia, all the best. Mick Spencer
Date: 11:18, 25th January
From: Martin Norris
City/Country: Sydney Australia

Message:  Hi everyone,
ex P&O; room steward from 77 to 83 and anyone who knows me or wants to contact me thats fine.Talk about old times and future reunions.Cheers Martin.

Date: 17:48, 24th January
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola Victoria Aust

Message:  Hi there, Just an interesting bit from Brians Merchant Navy site, Th old Queen Mary, whih has been under constant Financial problems seems to have been Bought by a Book Publisher Magnet in Southampton and plans to have The Old Ship Towes back to Britain from Miami and Put on Show in Southampton, there were fears The old Girl would face the Scrapyard, It would be a fine thing indeed to see her nack in British waters with the Red Ensign proudly Fluttering from her Stern again, lets hope it happens. Glenn.
Date: 04:46, 24th January
From: Eric Gold
City/Country: London UK (KGV Docklands)

Message: Hi Everyone,
It was a sad shame that the whale did die on Saturday and to think that he was only 3 feet from the KGV lock gates as well. Glenn, I agree with you entirely about those japs killing the whales as I too love animals especially bears and people are killing them too. Keep up the great work Bill and Julia as my mates who work on the river Thames may they be river pilots, Dockers or police look at your website every day and say it is THE BEST WEBSITE ever especially when you make it bigger, so lads dig out those old photos and send them to Bill and Julia, The merchant Navy is dead as we all know but not the website with all the lovely stuff that is on it there, so come on lads get these scanners going. God Bless. Eric. (KGV)
Date: 01:16, 24th January
From: Toby (Tommy) Slater
City/Country: West Cornwall, England

Message:  Brilliant site! I was GSS April/June '62. Carinthia, Iberic,Aden,Athelqueen,
Kepwickhall - left '66 but best 4 years ever. Thanks to websites like yours now in touch with shipmates in Oz from over 40 years ago. Many thanks.
Date: 18:23, 22nd January
From: Glenn Baker
City/Country: Dimboola Victoria Aust

Message:  Hello there, yes it was good to see so many people trying to help the Whale, unlike the Japanese who have their Hearts set on destroying them, and in Australian Territorial Waters too, I no longer wonder about the Worlds ecological survival, nothing has changed since those stupid knights charging at Castle Doors with long Telegraph poles. Glenn
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