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Stephen Cannon
Vindicatrix 1966
Queensbury UK

Trevor Gray
Gravesend 1969
Essex U.K.

Alan Thorpe
Vindicatrix 1963
Hull UK

Trevor Pratt
Vindicatrix 1961

William Weetman
Vindicatrix 1964

Phillip Collins
Gravesend 1967
Maidstone, Kent

Dave Edwards
Gravesend 1966/67
Brisbane Aus.

Mick Sheppard
Vindicatrix 1962
Hull Yorks

Trevor Pratt
Vindicatrix 1961
Grimsby Link's UK

Adrian Taylor
M.N. 1968

Patrick O'Gormley
M.N. 1969

Norman Austin
Gravesend 1968
Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD
Terry Willcox
Vindicatrix 1964
Kent. U.K.

Peter Goodman
Vindicatrix 1962
St. Austel, Cornwall. UK

Jeffrey Glasser
Vindicatrix 1964

Trevor Lawrence
Vindicatrix 1966

Paul Kelly
Vindicatrix 1962
Valencia, Spain

Alec Crichton
Gravesend 1967

Derek (Rick) Aindow
Vindicatrix 1961 (D)
Brisbane Aus.

Joe Higgins
Gravesend 1963
Chatham, Kent UK

Wully Farquhar
T.S. Dolphin 1962
Thurso, Scotland

Michael Rudd
Vindicatrix 62/63
Reading, Berks UK

Jack Docherty
Vindicatrix 1962
Liverpool UK

Terry Harding
Vindicatrix 1962
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. UK

Chris Matthews
M.N. 1969
Newport, Sth Wales

Ron Healey
Vindicatrix 1964
Victoria Australia

Terry Doughty1962.
PWSTS (Derwent)

Glynn Davies
Vindicatrix 1962
Melbourne. AUS

Ronnie Binks
Vindicatrix 1963
Hull. E. Yorks UK.

Michael Fleming
TS Dolphin 1960
England UK
Allen John Hawker
MN 1962
Barry, Sth Wales
David Henry
Vindicatrix 1961
Newcastle NSW
Paul Rennison
Gravesend 1964
Hull. UK

Colin Bryant
Gravesend 1960
Gravesend UK
Peter Wade
Vindicatrix 1964
Ipswich UK
Ian Bray
Gravesend 1960/61
Wellington NZ
Stephen Sharratt
TS Dolphin 1962
Sth Derbyshire UK

John Wallace
MN 1961
Auckland NZ
Peter Martin
Midshipman 1968
Biggin Hill, Kent UK
Dale Blears
Vindicatrix 1964
Flint, Nth Wales UK
Pete Wright
Gravesend 1960

Jim Roy
MN 1962
Edinburgh UK
Bruce Micklewright
Vindicatrix 1962
Leeds UK
Ray Murray
GSS 1963
Adelaide SA - AUS
Jeff Williams
Vindicatrix 1964

Roy Parker GSS 1967
Birmingham UK
David Micklewright
Vindicatrix 1960
Auckland NZ
John Broughton
Vindicatrix 1962
Tauranga, NZ
Bob Reed
Vindicatrix 1960/61
Shortland NSW AUS

Greg Maclean
Vindicatrix 1964
Edinburgh Scotland
John Heaney MN'66

John Pye - Blythe St.
Navingation School Belfast. 59/60
Vancouver - CAN
Mick Parr
GSS 1964
Liverpool UK

Dave Smithers POWSTS 1963?

Nick Collins GSS 1968 Deck
Los Angeles USA

Paul Ditchfield POWSTS 1963

Mart Rayner Vindicatrix 1964/65
Morecombe - UK

Keith Osbourn V'62
Gloucester - UK

Fred Brindley V'66
Philadelphia - USA

Maurice McKendry
Maryport - Cumbria - UK

Fred Hughes V'61
Barnsley - UK

Peter Bennett V'64 Wallasey, Merseyside - UK

David Benge V'62
Adamstown Heights NSW - AUS

John Maple V'63
Shoreham-By-Sea - UK

Ken Wheatland
GSS'65 London - UK
Crossed the Bar
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